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Lavender sleep balm

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Instant calm at your bedside
Try this lavender sleep balm for a better night’s sleep. —The Juicery Co.

Take a sweaty dance down memory lane, leotard optional
Before Tracy Anderson, there was Jane Fonda. —The Cut

How to survive hot yoga 
Without passing out. —Life by Daily Burn

Can salt improve your breathing?
Introducing Dry Salt Air Therapy. —Prevention

Will get a cold from going outside with wet hair?
A doctor weighs in. —Huffington Post

Thyme to tame the breakouts
A DIY recipe for super-clear skin. —No More Dirty Looks

Paleo Diet constipation, solved
Ways to combat a common side-effect of the popular diet. —Dr. Frank Lipman

Apricot and coconut granola bars 
Enjoy them whole, or crumble them on yogurt. —

Let’s focus on getting focused
Find a spot without wifi. We dare you. —Zen Habits