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Avocado dish el rey cafe
 (Photo: @psiatethis via Instagram)

An avocado a day…
…may keep high cholesterol away. —Prevention

Have you cried through cardio?
Workouts can lead to tears—and not just from sore muscles. —Huffington Post

3 breathing techniques for a more effective workout
Holding your breath during plank is not going to help. Really. —Life by DailyBurn

About those #nomnom shots of #vegan #kale #salads…
What your food photo hashtag of choice says about you. —The Infatuation

Keeping up with the bone broth craze
We’re still gunning for it to be 2015’s word of the year. —Fast Company 

A California couple got married at Costco
We knew there was something romantic about shopping for frozen smoothie ingredients. —L.A. Times

Holding a grudge will literally weight you down
Another reason to practice the art of “letting it go.” —Self