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jules-spaghetti-squashWe share the most interesting food, fitness, beauty, and wellness news from our partners and friends around the web. Here’s what’s happening this week.

Spaghetti squash for newbies
It’s about time you tried this pasta swap. —

Meditate for miles
4 ways to turn your run into a mind-body experience. —Huffington Post

How kale became kooler than the Kardashians
If only every veggie had such a killer PR team. —Self

How to have a vegan Passover Seder
You know, if a shankbone isn’t your thing…—One Green Planet

“Okay, touch your left hand to your right toes…
You’re not the only one who has trouble with cues during workouts. —The Science of Us

8 things you should never do when you’re sleep-deprived
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The surprising amount of processed food Americans are eating
Knowing they’re bad for your health and avoiding them are two different things. —Yahoo Health

Everyone is making fun of SoulCycle
And SoulCycle is getting the last laugh. —AdWeek