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Link Love: Vegan blackberry ice cream, burpees for beginners, and more

Blackberry lemon ice cream
(Photo: Vegukate)

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Blackberry Lemon Ice Cream
A delish recipe made with just four vegan ingredients. — 

Burpees for beginners
Everything you need to know about the exercise everyone loves to hate. —

How two of America’s best chefs became gluten-free trailblazers
Mark Ladner and Thomas Keller dish on building—and managing—the popular diet in their restaurants. —Grubstreet

Did Shonda Rhimes make you cry last week?
Why we mourn fictional TV characters. —Huffington Post

7 things your hair says about your health
You’re not drinking enough water—I can see it in your hair. —Prevention

10 ways to make sure you wake up for your sunrise run
Like moving your your alarm clock—or iPhone—away from your bed. —Self 

It’s official. Jeb Bush is running…
….on lean meat and veggies. —NY Times

How to make your own healthy dog treats
Your pup deserves quality snacks, too. —

Are models being forced to conceal their true weight?
“They gave us Spanx underwear to stuff with weighted sandbags.” —The Observer