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Back on My Feet
(Photo: Back on My Feet)


At first thought, running a marathon doesn’t exactly seem like a great priority for individuals living in homeless shelters. But one non-profit organization has found that literally getting people back on their feet (and across the finish line) helps them do the same in other important areas, like finding employment and housing.

Running a marathon, after all, comes with a sense of empowerment, accomplishment, and self-worth, and once the individuals have tapped into those, Back on My Feet helps them work towards bigger successes.

Inspired? The organization’s New York chapter is looking for runners who want to join its ING New York City Marathon team, running alongside members of its programs. The spot comes with a serious fundraising requirement, but especially after last year’s Hurricane Sandy cancellation, it seems fitting to run for something greater than a medal. —Lisa Elaine Held

Visit for more details and to register, by September 30