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By Kate Bratskeir for

HuffingtonPostWith your inbox overflowing and your to-do list trailing behind you like a tall, dark shadow, you might be prone to defending your time. But the truth is that we could all benefit from breaking up our busy days with a short meditation session.

Experts agree that your productivity will only improve from taking these breaks.

Routinely scheduling breaks, some argue, is your ticket to success. And it wouldn’t hurt to sprinkle in some meditation: The practice has been shown to lower stress, improve focus and increase emotional awareness (along with a hefty number of other benefits).

Convinced? For many workers there’s just one problem: Where, exactly, should this transformative meditation happen? We’ve rounded up seven sneaky places to clear your head—both in and outside of the office. Check them out below, then tell us your favorite place to find clarity in the comments section.

On The Elevator

 Your elevator ride is a perfect opportunity for a body scan. Just waiting for the elevator to arrive can be part of your practice, too. If the lift is empty, stand in one of the back corners—this way, you won’t be disrupted as people filter in. Find step-by-step instructions for this kind of practice from the Meditation Geek, here.

Keep reading to find out where else to take these breaks…

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