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Melvin's Juice Bar
Melvin Major, Jr., now makes bottled juices to grab-and-go and for delivery


Melvin’s Juice Box, the sidecar cafe to Miss Lily’s where Melvin Major, Jr., presides, just launched bottled versions of its popular juices.

In case you’ve missed all the coverage, Melvin Major has been hailed “New York’s first celebrity juicer” by the New York Times and garnered a huge following during his sixteen years at Greenwich Village’s Life Thyme Market

The bottled versions use exactly the same recipes as the made-to-order juice, so why bottle? “Some people prefer to drink the juices cold,” explained Major. “Or they wanted to be able to grab them and go.” (Read: Not wait in an inevitable line.)

Melvin Major, Jr., and his new bottled juices

For now, three popular blends are available—Body Good (kale, collard greens, Swiss chard, apples, celery, ginger and lemon) for $9.50; Sweet & Dandy (beets, carrots, pineapple, apples, ginger, and lemon) for $8; and a straight watermelon juice for $7.

We tried both Body Good and Sweet & Dandy on a drive by earlier today. Body Good is possibly the least grassy-tasting green juice we’ve ever had. It’s smooth and mellow with apple sweetening the greens, and a touch of ginger adds a nice richness with no zingy bite.

Sweet & Dandy also goes down easy, but was too sweet for our taste. In other words, it tastes more like pineapple juice than beet juice. But that’s Melvin’s allure—juices with an emphasis on taste over dark leafies.

This philosophy is carried out in the foods you’ll find at Melvin’s Juice Box. Next to the register is a huge spread of fresh croissants. When a reporter raised an eyebrow, Melvin responded, “You gotta live!” —Alexia Brue

Melvin’s Juice Box, 132 W. Houston, at Sullivan, Soho, 646-588-5375,