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By Linda Melone for

PreventionNope, you’re not nuts. You visit a new place and mysteriously feel as if you’ve been there before. You suddenly can’t remember a book title you used to know so well. You see shadows out of the corner of your eye. In short, you feel like you’re losing it. The good news? You’re probably not. Here’s what experts say about the 10 most common, creepy symptoms that are messing with your mind.

1. You wake up and can’t move.
It’s early morning and you suddenly find yourself awake but unable to move a muscle. This terrifying feeling, called sleep paralysis, typically happens in the early morning hours immediately prior to waking up, says Peter A. Fotinakes, MD, medical director of the St. Joseph Hospital Sleep Center in Orange, CA. “During periods of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, all muscles, save those associated with eye movement and breathing, become paralyzed. This keeps us from acting out our dreams.” In sleep paralysis you awaken from sleep but REM paralysis persists for a few moments. Although it can be frightening, sleep paralysis is harmless, says Dr. Fotinakes.

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