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Mission Wellness finalist Spruce & Co.


We’re looking for the next breakthrough in healthy travel. So we partnered with EVENⓇ Hotels to find the next big wellness necessity with a brand new competition called Mission Wellness: Seeking the Next Healthy Travel Innovation. More than 100 businesses gave us their best pitch, and we’ve narrowed down the field to the final 12—which means it’s time for you to get a say! Check out Spruce & Co. below (and take a look at the businesses it’s up against), and cast your vote by October 20.

Spruce & Co.

Plant-based screen cleaning wipes

The problem

Traveling is a germ-ridden experience. Whether you’re using airport iPads at the gate or touching in-flight TVs on the seat back in front of you, you’re using a lot of devices that aren’t getting properly cleaned—not to mention the ones in your bag. (Statistics show that our phones are 18 times dirtier than public toilet seats!) And if you do get around to cleaning your devices, you’re forced to use products that are far from “clean,” with ingredients that might not make the cut in your soaps, shampoos, and household cleaning products.

The solution

Spruce & Co.’s plant-based, vegan screen cleaning wipes (AKA “Sprucies”) are derived from coconut and free of harsh chemicals like alcohol and ammonia. Individually wrapped and travel-friendly, they are gentle enough for you to feel good about cleaning your phone—and touching your face with that screen when you take your next call.

The takeaway

Founded by Jill Applebaum and Jill Ressler—Harvard Business School classmates (and serious germophobes)—Spruce & Co. is all about making travel a little more sanitary, one swipe at a time.

Could this be the winner? Check out the competition and cast your vote here! (And do it fast—polls close October 20.)