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Reading up on the latest wellness trends should come with a warning: You will want to spend your whole paycheck trying everything you read about, from probiotic sprays for your home, Instagram-worthy workout tanks, to natural beauty products that give you a gorgeous glow. Thanks to mybestbox, you can try everything—for a fraction of the price (and delivered to you in a pretty package).

Mybestbox is basically the Birchbox of the wellness world. For as little as $25 a month, subscribers get a box of good-for-you goodies—everything from beauty products to stash in your gym bag to superfood smoothie ingredients, as well as packages specifically designed to make your sleep, your skin, and even your home healthier—valued between $75 and $100.

my best box
mybestbox Special Package, $25 (retail value, $66). Photo: mybestbox

The company makes a point of being fully entrenched in the wellness world, so subscribers are often getting a product before the masses know about it—everything from fitness and nutrition to healthy home and overall wellness.

Plus, if a product is included in a mybestbox delivery, it has been seriously vetted. The company researches the health benefits of each product and publishes its findings on its blog. (And check out the curation skills in the box above. We have to admit, flaxseed and coconut sugar makes our gut-healthy hearts soar.)

With a mission to “deliver happiness in the form of health,” mybestbox just might be making you a little bit healthier each month, thanks to the mood boost a surprise present can bring. More endorphins? We’re in.

Head to to learn more.

And scroll down to get a peek at more mybestbox’s carefully curated (but affordable) care packages.

mybestsleep Special Edition, $39 (over $100 value). Photo: mybestbox
mybestsleep Special Edition, $39.99 (over $100 value). Photo: mybestbox

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mybestskin Special Package, $35 (over $80 value). Photo: mybestbox
mybestskin Special Package, $35 (over $80 value). Photo: mybestbox


mybestkitchen Special Package, $xx (over $xx value). Photo: mybestbox
mybestkitchen Special Package, $25 (retail value, $82). Photo: mybestbox

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