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My big, juicy goal for 2013: Alycea Ungaro

We checked in with wellness celebrities to see what big, juicy goals they were setting for 2013. Perhaps their intentions will inspire yours.

Alycea UngaroAlycea Ungaro
Pilates guru, and founder of Real Pilates

This year, 2013, is a milestone for me, marking my 20th year as a Pilates teacher and nearly as long running my studio, Real Pilates.

I knew a few years ago that I would be ready to take on a the role of a mentor to other business owners and help them come to love running their businesses as much as they love teaching their clients. And in February, that program, called Synthesis, begins!

As it kicks off, my goal for this year is to connect with as many studio owners and independent Pilates teachers as possible and truly help them propel their businesses forward.

On a personal note, I am 15 credits through my Master’s Degree in Nutrition and am currently shepherding my teenage daughter through the transition to high school and my 11 year old through the “tween” phase.

Making time for each other, and creating rituals that will carry us through these next precious years, is something we’ve been invested in as a family and will continue to grow.