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My Studio Style: Will Torres

Will TorresWill Torres, the (officially hunky) celebrity trainer  and owner of Manhattan’s WILLSPACE, knows a thing or two about looking great at the office—and about the functional requirements of fitness fashion.

Torres expects his clients, male and female, to come to his Greenwich Village studio ready to sweat and dressed to kill their workouts. One of the very first (and nearly stern) pieces of advice he gives newbies involves a wardrobe revamp, including a total nix of anything baggy or loose, because “drapey fabrics make it hard to monitor joint and limb movements.” (Plus you can’t exactly do lunges wearing pants or shorts with a crotch that’s 10 inches below your, um, crotch.)

When it comes dressing himself, Torres says he feels professional and polished mostly clad in black, but looking tall, dark, and handsome aren’t his only requirements. Fit, feel, and durability are his real non-negotiables. And while so many guys reach for dry-fit, Torres finds the fabric makes him feel “stuffy.” Mesh is another no-no, as it tends to rip with the slightest graze of a weighted apparatus (and a workout with Torres includes quite a few of those).

His menswear faves may not all fit in your boyfriend’s drawer full of basketball shorts, but the fitness-informed theory behind his picks can teach a guy a lot about dressing for getting results. —Sarah Sarway

1. Tasc Hybrid Fitted Crew ($39.95) tasc Hybrid Fitted LS Crew
Guys must get this top into their arsenal of training gear. I probably have over 15 of them. I discovered Tasc a year ago and haven’t worn another brand of training tops since. They use an anti-bacterial bamboo technology in their sweat-wicking fabric, which keeps their shirts from getting too smelly. I wear them when I train my clients because they’re comfortable and during my own training because they let my skin breathe, unlike other sweat-wicking fabrics. They’re also a great base layer for winter running or skiing (which Torres must have done tons of, if he kept his resolution last year!).

2. Lululemon Pace Breaker Short ($64)
These have to be the best designed men’s shorts I have ever owned. They are incredibly comfortable, and are great to train in, so I use them as my uniform while working with clients. I love the placement of the pockets. They don’t get in the way but can still can hold your keys and stuff.

Adidas ADIPURE TRAINER 360 SHOES3. Adidas Adipure Trainer 360 Shoes ($85)
This sneaker was designed with cross-training in mind. It has a minimal yet solid sole that allows for a more grounded feel while lifting. It almost allows you to control each watt of energy that you put into your lifts. They will change your life, but I wouldn’t recommend them for running. They are much better designed for jumping rope, plyometrics, agility drills and weight lifting.

4. Burkman Bros Cozy Military Pant ($117)
These are probably the best looking and fitting pants out there. They’re great to use before and/or after the gym, for training or even for chilling at home. They have a casual yet athletic look and are incredibly comfortable. The Burkman Bros put a lot of attention into all the little details. You will never want to take these off.

Tim Hamilton zip front hoodie
The Tim Hamilton hoodie likely to be stolen by girlfriends everywhere.

5. Tim Hamilton Zip Front Hoodie ($150)
I discovered this brand about seven years ago. They use a thick terry cotton that gives the hoodie some weight. I know it may look like a classic guy hoodie, but it’s really on another level. The subtle details in the wrist bands and stitching along the zipper are what make it a favorite of mine. The hood is slightly oversized but the fit is incredible. Be careful gentlemen, your girlfriend will definitely try to nab this one!

Bonus Pick! Rogue Fitness Compression Socks ($35)
This is the best compression sock I’ve found. Sometimes I forget that I have them on. I use them for long runs and lifting because I tend to scrape my shins a lot when I deadlift or perform Olympic lifts. These guys act as a protective shield. People like to make comments when I wear them and ask what they’re all about. I just smile and say, “It’s my thing…” and keep lifting.

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