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We really hope you got to relax and recharge this summer—and try paddle board yoga, do boot camp on a stretch of beach, or just got time to read a novel instead of your inbox messages. We checked in with some of our favorite wellness world stars to find out how they spent their summer.

Sadie Lincoln
Founder, Barre3

In between her 40th birthday bash in Portland, filming new workouts for mybarre3, and presenting at a global fitness conference, Sadie Lincoln fit in her annual family vacation to the Poconos.

“I can’t think of a more chill-out vacation than staying in the Poconos,” says Lincoln, whose husband’s great-grandfather built a house there in 1900. “The Poconos is where I completely turn off.  No make-up, fancy clothes or reason to care.  Just a bathing suit, cut offs, and a good book.  Perfection!”

“We drink tea for hours every morning and watch humming birds from the porch. I
love picking wild huckleberries with the kids (ages 6 and 8).  This is definitely the most zen I have ever witnessed my children.  I marvel at their ability to pick berries for hours without fighting or complaining of boredom.”

Lincoln stays active too. “Every summer we do yoga on the log! And every morning, my husband and I do a trail run around the lake.”

Another favorite pastime is venturing out into the middle of the lake on a wooden dock rigged with an electric engine. “This is where we spend the majority of our time fishing, reading, and even gazing at the stars.”