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By Anna Davies for 


Routines are easy to come by in relationships—and that’s especially true in the bedroom, where it’s all too easy to bypass adventure in favor of the tried and true moves. But it may be worth trying a few pleasure-boosting changes to your regularly scheduled romp: A recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that deep vaginal stimulation may lead to more frequent vaginal orgasms.

Researchers surveyed 75 Czech women and found that the women who experienced more vaginal orgasms were those who employed deep vaginal stimulation during early experimentation with masturbation. Study authors believe that this may be due to greater tactile sensitivity as well as greater awareness of vaginal sensations during intercourse.

“Sensational awareness and sensitivity can be explored and enhanced at any point,” says Katherine Hertlein, PhD, associate professor and program director of the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, whose research has focused on sex therapy. “Not only that, but the act of experimentation alone can enhance your bond with your partner.”

Keep reading for tips to try to help you reach a vaginal orgasm…

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