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Liz Eustace
Liz Eustace, the Julia Powell of fitness

At the beginning of this year, Liz Eustace, a New Yorker who loves to run, Spin, and do yoga, declared the fitness-class equivalent of Julie Powell’s mission to make every recipe in Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” Liz committed to “taking 300 (maybe 365) classes on the East Coast of the US of A in 2010. How to do that? Well, it’s no easy feat—considering I’m starting on January 4th and I already have 4 classes to make up,” she writes in her blog Be in the Flo.

That’s 300 fitness classes in 365 days!

Eustace, who totally wowed us with this personal challenge, happens to work for Lululemon Athletica (and gave us an interview for today’s story on how to preserve your pricey yoga pants). Her job requires travel to Boston, D.C., and Miami, so not only is she working out constantly, she’s ticking off all the best places in those cities to do it. Check out her blog, which reads like a first-person Fodor’s guide to fitness studios in those fair and fit cities.