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Crunch Fitness, the quintessential New York City gym that for two decades has melded fitness with entertainment, announced yesterday that it’s going national with an ambitious franchising plan.  The announcement comes just a little over a year after filing for bankruptcy.

While Crunch has already expanded to other major cities like L.A. and Miami in recent years, franchising will move them into much smaller markets with different demographics.  The first two franchises will open in Portland, OR and Lake Forest, CA, and more than 50 additional locations are in the works.

Other than establishing a coast-to-coast “no-judgment” zone, will this expansion also export Crunch’s famously New York-centric classes to small towns and cities across the country, bringing Pole Dancing to the Bible Belt and Surfboarding to the Mojave Desert?  And is it just a matter of time before Urban Bootcamp becomes Backwoods Bootcamp?

Whatever happens, it seems that New York City gyms have had expansion on the brain lately, as evidenced by our recent post on Equinox’s overseas development.  But while Equinox is looking abroad for opportunity, Crunch seems  mainly focused on domestic locations.  We have a feeling that their Turning Tricks class was just too much for the folks in Abu Dhabi.