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By Ashley Koff, RD, for


Reader question: I try to eat an anti-inflammatory diet of mostly whole foods, since I find it really helps me feel and look great. But sometimes, I slip up and have things like French fries, baked goods, or a cheeseburger—and my body is never happy about it the next morning. We all have our cheat moments, but is there anything I can eat or drink immediately after to help minimize the damage?

Ashley’s answer: Dear “Perfect” Person: it’s so nice to meet you, finally! Haha, but seriously, in terms of anti-inflamm hot stuff, “To err is human,” baby! That’s true in fashion, at work, and most certainly in your nutrition. So first point, no beating yourself up for slip-sliding your way into a non-anti-inflamm option from time to time. Second, welcome to my world of AKA (that’s Ashley Koff Approved) tricks to get you out of the “Ugh, I just made a nutrition blunder” trap.

Keep reading for Ashley’s favorite tricks…

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