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Over-sharing is Caring……..

We’re answering a much-asked question about our well-being practices, and sharing a few things we’re doing for ourselves on Labor Day.

mbt footwear joggersMELISSE:

  • Running Prospect Park’s 5K loop in the opposite direction—and taking on the hills at the beginning AND the end
  • Cleaning my PVC-free yoga mat, which doesn’t get much laundering, I realize. Wondering if Pangea face cleanser is good for this?
  • Trying to get through the new (supposedly very exciting) translation of Anna Karenina


  • Taking a long, final walk along the beach before we give up the keys to our summer house share in the North Fork
  • Gorging on local peaches, tomatoes, and corn while they are still in season
  • Slathering on Darphin’s Renewing Balm before bed to make up for way too much sun on my face this August.
  • Will try going to sleep by 10:00 p.m. so I can be bright-eyed when my baby awakes at 6 a.m.