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Refrigerator Look Book: Angie Pontani

Angie Pontani diet burlesqueBurlesque is a booming business these days — The moves! Those rhinestones! — and Brooklyn’s Angie Pontani is one of its reigning queens. Not surprisingly, staying fit is integral to Pontani’s success, so she opened up her fridge to, ahem, reveal exactly how it’s done.

Holy seltzer bottles, Batman! What are those all about?
I’m a huge seltzer drinker. I get home delivery every two weeks from Brooklyn’s beloved seltzer man, Eli Miller, who gets it fresh from the factory in Canarsie. It comes in fabulous heavy authentic glass bottles and I drink it straight, or will spice it up with mashed berries, lemon, a shot of espresso, a dash of fruit juice—you can throw anything in there and make a drink that would kick any soda’s butt.

What’s inside those bright yellow and red packages on the bottom shelf?
My sister, who’s also my neighbor, is involved with a local farm that delivers fresh produce weekly. The red bag is pureed tomatoes, the yellow is pureed squash. I’ll probably use them to make a sauce.

Angie Pontani Refrigerator
That looks like some pretty serious butter. Is that a favorite brand?
That’s from a recent trip to New Zealand. I used it for my family’s New Year’s Day feast and everyone was losing their minds, it’s so creamy and delicious. I don’t eat a ton of butter, but when I do, I go for the good stuff—not any type of substitute product. I’m all about the real deal in moderation.

Okay, we have to ask—what’s with all the string cheese?
I have an absolute string cheese obsession, so I buy them in bulk at Costco. I don’t keep things like chips or pretzels or really snack-y foods around my house, so when I want to just nibble on something, I grab string cheese. It does the trick.

Got any other food obsession?
Food is one of my obsessions!  I grew up in an Italian-American household where eating was more then just filling your stomach—it was a family tradition. I’m thankful for that and keep those habits in my cooking and diet. I use fresh ingredients, not things from cans or boxes. Obviously, in my career, keeping in shape is a priority, but I find with a little portion control and smart shopping, you can still eat amazing food and be healthy. —Catherine Pearson

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