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Refrigerator Look Book: Cindy Barshop

Cindy BarshopYou may have heard of Cindy Barshop as the founder of Completely Bare, an upscale chainlet of New York City spas specializing in hair removal and innovative bikini-line embellishments, like the vajazzle and the vatoo.

But soon, the protective shadow over her life will be stripped off—and it may be painful—when she appears as the newest cast member in season four of the Real Housewives of New York City. (Bethenny Frankel who?) We took a look inside Barshop’s refrigerator to see what keeps this downtown girl going as she spars (presumably) with uptown divas. Turns out, a shot of acai berry juice and mushy Whole Foods leftovers.

I’m guessing you don’t drink Similac. Care to elaborate?
I have 14-month-old twin girls. We should be off the Similac, but they’re not yet.

Where do you normally go to stock your fridge?
I don’t really go shopping. My nanny does. Is that bad? She goes to Whole Foods.

Do you do a lot of cooking?
No, I really don’t cook. My nanny does a lot of the cooking. But ever since I had kids, I’ve made sure everything has been organic and cooked fresh. I just get the mushy leftovers.

Cindy Barshop

How would you characterize your diet?
Healthy, I’m a very healthy eater. I eat, like, four times a day. No fried food and no read meat. Oh, and I drink acai berry juice! I do a shot a day in the morning.

Given the centrality of hair removal in your life, I find it hilarious that you use chocolate fudge called Wax Orchards. Do you think you were unconsciously drawn to it?
Is that what it says? I didn’t even realize it! That is hilarious. I didn’t do it on purpose. Oh my god, that is so weird. I’m, like, cracking up right now. Oh my god!

So, I have to ask you—as a successful business woman with a well-known company, what made you decide to become a Real Housewife?
You know, now, I look back and ask myself, “What was I thinking? Was I crazy? I had 6-month-old twins!” But it just seemed like a great opportunity to expand myself. I was growing my business and had the babies, and the more things you do, the more you’re able to do. I think my kids really inspired me to do more.

Has filming the show made it harder to stay healthy?
Actually, when I’m busy, I get so much more done. I was healthier when I was filming and was working out more. It was just more structure.

What do you think you bring to the show that’s new and unique?
I think they saw that I was different. I’m a single mom, I just had twins, and I’m expanding my business nationally. Most of them live uptown, and I’m a downtown girl. I don’t want to put them down. I’m just different.

The Real Housewives of New York City, Season 4, premieres this spring on Bravo,