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The blog It’s all yoga, baby is a veritable think tank on the popularity of yoga and its cultural implications. We always read it for a smart take on the intersection of yoga and popular culture, so we took notice when they declared a new demographic: The Yoga Mom.

Their commentary: “So it looks like the “Yoga Mom” has replaced the “Soccer Mom” as the stereotypical (and economically powerful) middle class suburban woman with a family.  How do y’all feel about “yoga” being used as an adjective for a consumer with certain types of behaviors, along with Digital Dads, Gossip Girls and Bachelors? What does this say about the cultural perception of yoga and yoga practitioners?”

We’re still noodling what it says about the cultural perception of yoga, but I think it says something very positive about the state of parenthood. Being a good parent means nurturing yourself so you have lots of love and patience to heap on your children. I’m glad to see a cultural shift away from simply standing on the sidelines and serving a soccer shuttle service, to working out ourselves as moms. As my friend Kwasa, who’s a kick ass personal trainer, reminds me, “the Mommy martyr thing is all played out.”