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Shop from your sofa: The Healthy Holiday Gift Guide, Black Friday edition

woman with laptop

Black Friday has become an annual occasion for shop-till-you-drop madness.

Sure, the deals are good. But do you really want to spend your day off waiting in line for hours or battling discount-crazed mobs?

If not, we bring you these handy gift ideas from our Healthy Holiday Gift Guide.

Once you download the guide, you can shop directly from your laptop—clicking contentedly while sipping hot cocoa on your couch.

And there’s a deal involved: Every gift purchased will help the recipient live a healthier, happier life in 2012.

For the fitness-focused: High-quality yoga pants are the new cashmere sweater. These functional and fashionable picks will thrill the spinners, yogis, and other fitness types in your life.

For the healthy home chef: Got a friend who’s always looking for new ways to add some delicious nutrition to his or her cooking (and diet) or a wellness-minded foodie on your list? Try one of these three picks.

For the scent obsessed: If you can smell your mother-in-law before she’s even inside, she could probably use a less-toxic, more subtle fragrance. These natural perfumes smell fabulous and are beautifully packaged.

For the celeb stalker: For the FitPerez reader, just say “Jillian Michaels recommended this!” For the crazy sexy green-juice lover, Kris Carr has suggestions.

For the runner: The relative who just finished the marathon will love some celebratory gear to start suiting up for the next. Runner-friendly earbuds, a high-tech watch, and an iPod-toting tank are some stellar options.

For the overworked: Well, that’s probably everyone on your list. That’s why we matched the best spas in New York City with the personalities they’re best for. The gift certificate just got personal.

Want more healthy holiday gifts? Download the guide now!