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SoulCycle is opening a studio in the Midwest

(Photo: SoulCycle)

SoulCycle, the always-expanding cycling megabrand, which currently has 32 studios on both coasts from New York City and Washington D.C. to Los Angeles and San Francisco—is opening its first Midwest studio, in Chicago.

The studio will be located in the desirable, affluent neighborhood of Old Town, and is set to open in early 2015. (Right in time for sweat-filled New Year’s Resolutions?)

That’s great news for fitness-loving residents of the Windy City, who’ve refrained from bringing up the point that New York City gets a new SoulCycle studio every couple of months.

“Truth be told, we have been very excited to open in Chicago for some time—we were just looking for the perfect space,” says SoulCycle rep Gabby Etrog Cohen. “We can’t wait to finally open in the Midwest.”

Flywheel, on the other hand, arguably SoulCycle’s biggest competitor, has been in the city for a few years and has two studios in Old Town and Gold Coast.

With Soul in the mix, it likely won’t be long before Chicagoans find themselves rocking “bike dancing” and “hairography” in conversation—along with a few skull tanks. —Molly Gallagher

1223 North Wells Street, Old Town, Chicago,