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(Photo: Miraval Resorts)
(Photo: Miraval Resort and Spa)


If you saw Keeping Up With The Kardashians (guilty pleasure!) a week or two back, you know that Kourtney and Scott visited Miraval Resort in Tucson to deal with the loss of Scott’s mother.

But if you aren’t a reality television star with a Kardashian-sized bank account, visiting Miraval (a five-star inner-life resort that focuses on wellness and fitness) when you need a retreat most, may not be on your horizon.

Enter Miraval Gives Back, a new program initiated by Miraval that gives a 3-day-weekend of wellness to your most deserving BFF, family member, fitness buddy, or colleague currently facing life-altering changes. You simply nominate the VIP in your life with a 500 word essay.

Picture that loved one in the middle of a Desert Rain Scrub spa treatment, in a Healing Visualizations Mediation session, or a Zen Boot Camp class. Smiling? Enter them here (sorry, you can’t do it for yourself).

And even if you don’t land the monthly weekend spot for that someone special, a weekend watching back-to-back episodes of their favorite TV-show together never hurt anybody (KUWTK or otherwise). —Jamie McKillop

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