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Sunburn in the city: 5 tips on how to avoid frying your skin during outdoor workouts

sunburnBurning the heck out of your skin in the name of health and fitness makes no sense. Here are five tips on how to avoid it when you’re working out outside:

1. Apply sunscreen before class. But not too early. Sun protection is only good for two hours—or less if you’re super fair or super sweaty.

2. Keep a hat and sweat-proof sunscreen in your yoga tote or gym bag all summer.

3. Remember to slather sunscreen on the back of your neck, arms, knees, and calves, which are the hardest to see but are going to get the brunt of sun exposure.

4. Be careful of saluting the sun too literally. Scout some shade or, even better, plan for where the sun’s moving, if you can.

5. Prevent turning your yoga mat into a slide of zinc oxide. Use a sunscreen stick, since it keeps your hands clean.

Originally published in the Healthy Summer Guide to NYC. Need a copy? Get it free, here!