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The airport vending machine that dispenses natural beauty products

Now, you can find Juice Beauty products at the airport. (Photo:
Now, you can find Juice Beauty products at the airport. (Photo:

No one likes airport security, but it can be an especially terrible experience if they confiscate your favorite tinted moisturizer. (No!)

But a company called 3FLOZ, with beauty product vending machines at 18 airports nationwide including JetBlue’s JFK terminal and DFW, is making it a more beautiful transition.

The vending machines, which first launched in 2013, are stocked with travel-size products, including natural lines like Yes To Cucumbers, Herban Essentials, and most recently Juice Beauty organic products.

“We launched the 3FLOZ Automated Retail Stores in order to provide travelers with the products they want/need where they need them,” says co-founder Kate Duff. “Natural products are becoming more and more of the norm so it was an obvious category expansion for us.”

On the website, you can also buy security-approved travel toiletries by 21 Drops, Burts Bees, Honest Co., Eboost, and Dr. Hauschka—before you head to the airport.

If you’re like me, and consider a giant travel kit of beauty products a sign of preparedness, then this is right up your alley. And the TSA’s too. —Molly Gallagher

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