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The beauty of bath salts

DIY Bath Salts

By Rebecca Bailey for

Is there anyone who doesn’t like a chance to soak in the tub?

Maybe it doesn’t happen too often, but that just means it should be more special. Even my son loves a soak after hockey—the warmth and the salts are great for healing muscles and general relaxing. But is there scientific evidence supporting the use of bath salts?

Bath salts are said to be good for all kinds of things, from treating psoriasis to muscle soreness to arthritis. There’s evidence for positive effects on the skin, such as cleansing, improving hydration, and decreasing redness (it seems most of the studies are done with Dead Sea salt). There are claims of the minerals in a sea salt bath being absorbed into the body, and though the amount may be small, it does seem that some absorption does occur (particularly magnesium). So, let’s just say that bath salts are good for the skin and may treat a variety of skin conditions, as well as helping conditions like sore muscles. I personally feel that a sea salt bath improves muscle soreness over a warm bath without salts. It definitely makes my skin softer, and helps heal inflamed spots, like a rash or pimple.

Keep reading for NoMoreDirtyLooks’s recipe for DIY bath salts…

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