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The Butcher’s Daughter opens a take-out shop and market next door

Butcher's DaughterHeather Tierney’s popular juice bar and cafe The Butcher’s Daughter expanded its tiny Kenmare Street space on Friday to open a grab-and-go shop and farmer’s market next door.

The new Butcher’s Daughter Market, at 166 Elizabeth St., will sell to-go versions of menu items like salads, sandwiches, and cold-pressed juices and packaged foods made on-site like kale chips and almond butter.

It will also be home to a mini farmer’s market, with baskets of organic produce sourced from upstate farms by Mike’s Organic Delivery.

Being able to snag a cold-pressed juice without waiting should be a huge boon for the cafe, where the tiny kitchen often has a hard time keeping up with the crowds. —Lisa Elaine Held

The Butcher’s Daughter Market, 166 Elizabeth St, at Kenmare, Soho,