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Juliette Binoche French women diet
Americans are hungry for the French Dukan Diet (Photo: Telegraph UK)

By That’s Fit, By Deborah Dunham

The Dukan Diet may sound like just another high-protein, low-fat diet that is all too familiar to Atkin’s followers. But with 5 million French people having claimed they lost weight with it, 3.5 million books sold and 10 years of success, something must be different.

So why then are the always-looking-for-the-next-great-weight-loss-solution Americans just getting wind of this diet?

Perhaps it’s celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and model Giselle Bundchen who have reportedly tried it and lost their post-pregnancy pounds.

Or maybe it’s Kate Middleton’s mom, Carol Middleton, who has lost weight because of it (with rumors that the princess bride-to-be is also trying it).

Whatever the reason, Americans have not only heard of it now, but they are hungry to try it.

The diet’s creator, Dr. Pierre Dukan, said there is no counting calories and no weighing food with his plan. Read more…