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Our friends over at Yama Talent sent us this inspiring e-mail about doing yoga on the White House Lawn on Easter Sunday. Though the first family wasn’t sun saluting with the crowds, the yogis did get the thumbs up from Michelle Obama. Thanks so much to Ava Taylor for sharing the day’s highlights!

Hi Family,

Just a quick “hump day” note to make you smile and share the news of my amazing weekend spent as a volunteer in Washington D.C. doing yoga on the front lawn of the White House for the 132nd Annual Easter Egg Roll.

During a 12 hour day, we shared the gift of yoga with over 30,000 people!

Some highlights include:

Watching the sun come up over the Washington Monument.
The impeccable classic Easter clothes the families were wearing.  Argyle anyone?
Hearing children screaming, “look they’re doing yoga!”  (You be surprised how many children already know!)
Running barefoot in the grass on the White House lawn.
Getting a thumbs up from Michelle Obama.
Singing along to Justin Bieber live!
Listening to tiny voices chanting OM for the very first time.
Being part of the change.

And, a blog from Yoga Journal:

Peace and blessings,