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Barre3 is just one of many workout options for Short Hills residents. (Photo: Facebook/Barre3 Livingston)


We run around as much as marathoners to keep up with boutique fitness openings in huge cities like New York and Los Angeles, but there’s also a sweaty renaissance happening in a much smaller, lesser-known suburb: Short Hills, New Jersey.

During this week alone, Peloton Cycle opened its first retail location in the Short Hills Mall, SLT opened a Megaformer studio, and SoulCycle will debut a 50-bike location here, its first in the state. Barre3 has a studio one town over in Livingston, and Flywheel has a location that also includes Flybarre right next door in Millburn.

So, why the boutique workout boom? Lest you’re confused, this is not Snooki’s Garden State. It’s a popular town for New York City commuters, and according to Zillow, the median list price for homes is 1.8 million dollars. It just may be the Beverly Hills of New Jersey.

“A lot of the men and women who move out of the city when they have kids end up there,” explains SLT owner and Short Hills-native Amanda Freeman. “There’s the same mentality and willingness to work hard as in the city, and people really want to get a good workout.” It’s only going to get easier and easier. —Lisa Elaine Held