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This spring, the spa scene is heating up with healing therapies that will change the course of your (possibly very stressful) life.

And we’ve got the 411 on the most sought-after treatments here, in our Ultimate Guide to the Hottest Healing Modalities.

We’re talking hot poultice massages that melt tight muscles to far-out facials that combine deep pore-cleansing with crystal therapy—and more buzzed-about treatments.

We’ve partnered with our friends at Naturopathica to create this guide to the Hottest Healing Modalities. Naturopathica, a pioneering natural skin- and body-care line, draws from traditional healing practices to create modern remedies and rituals that make you say, “Ahhhhh.”

To find out which treatment is your ultimate wellness prescription, take the three-question quiz now.

Or fast track to the Guide now and see which treatments are helping celebs, insiders—and you!—bounce back faster from an intense workout, balance your energy, and make your skin and spirit glow.

See the treatments here!

(Photo: Naturopathica)