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You already work out. You don’t need a summer bag heavier than a kettlebell. Here are the season’s six skin-care staples that are ideal for outdoor yoga, the gym, or the beach—plus a great bag to put them in. And nothing more.

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Sunny striped linen combines with a sturdy leather structure in this Rag & Bone Simple Tote. It has exterior back patch pockets for your Metrocard, lip balm, and phone. $290



You can apply this Raw Elements Eco Stick SPF 30+ without getting it all over your hands. And it won’t leak in your bag. $15.99



kulaeKulae Elite Hot Hybrid is a surprisingly light towel-and-yoga-mat-in-one. $88


The Twistband is the hair accessory (and bracelet) of the season. Starting at $2 for a hair tie, $4 for hairband.



Make your makeup disappear (sans sink!) with La Fresh Oil-Free Face Cleanser Wipes before a workout, then all traces of sweat afterward. $9.99 for 20 wipes



A slim lip-saving tube of Brooklyn-made Soapwalla Lip Locked in Citrus Ginger seriously nourishes with rosehip seed oil. $9



SkinnySkinny organic dry shampooSprinkle Skinnyskinny Black Pepper & Rose Organic Dry Shampoo on your post-workout hairline to bring your blowout back to life. $9 for travel size


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