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HuffingtonPostWhen Monday morning rolls around are you ready to hit the ground running or would you rather turn over in bed and fall back asleep?

Yep, we thought so. But turns out it’s less a uniquely torturous aspect of Mondays causing that fatigue and more likely because we have the most difficulty falling asleep on Sundays.

According to a new survey conducted by online panel provider Toluna Omnibus, 39 percent of more than 3,000 respondents say they have the most trouble drifting off on Sundays. That’s more than double the percentage who had the hardest time on Saturdays, the runner up, at only 19 percent. (It’s worth noting Americans are not alone here: Brits are in the same sleepless boat. A 2008 survey of 3,500 workers found that 60 percent said falling asleep was toughest on Sundays, the BBC reported.)

So what’s so special about Sundays?

 Keep reading to find out…

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