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The stand-up paddleboard that will fit in your studio apartment

inflatable stand-up paddleboardFrom the Hudson to the Hamptons, stand-up paddleboarding just keeps getting more popular. (And why not? It’s super fun, easy to learn, and works your core like crazy.)

And the newest board to hit the market comes with a twist: when you’re ready to hit the water, you roll it out and blow it up.

Gnaraloo’s inflatable stand-up paddleboard, which will soon be available on, is great news for victims of New York real estate who would rather not have their board double as an extra-long coffee table. And it’s much less gimmicky than it sounds.

The board comes in a bag that resembles a tent or an Aerobed, with a hand-operated pump so you won’t be searching for a power source in the sand. It’s made from heavy duty laminated PVC and polyester layers that are fused together by drop-stitched paneling.

The inflation process does require a little bit of exertion (consider it your warm up), but it literally takes just a couple quick minutes. And when it’s done, it’s so sturdy and firm you can honestly barely tell the difference. A paddle, which comes apart for storage, is included.

Bonus: the bag even has straps that allow you to wear it like a backpack, so you can tote it on the subway to the Rockaways. —Lisa Elaine Held

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