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The Week’s Top Stories: February 5-11

intensive fitness programs
Playing catch-up? Here are the week’s five must-read Well+Good stories you may have missed.

1. Why intensive fitness programs are more popular than ever

We’re talking accountability buddies, nutrition gurus, and real results.

2. Detox while you sleep with these juice recipes meant for bedtime

If one green juice a day isn’t enough, start and end your day sipping cleansing goodness.

3. The 10 best budget brands for super stylish fitness fashion

Spending your whole paycheck on athleisure? (Or is that just us….) These brands will keep you sweaty and stylish, without draining your savings.

4. 5 things the year of the monkey has in store for you

Balance is more important than ever, so now’s the time to download that meditation app you’ve been eyeing.

5. Well+Good readers’ 5 best natural acne remedies

Our genius readers dish on what really keeps their skin happy and healthy.