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The Week’s Top Stories: January 23–29

(Photo: Candice Kumai)
(Photo: Candice Kumai)

Playing catch-up? Here are the week’s must-read Well+Good stories you may have missed.


7 foods for glowing, gorgeous skin
Star chef and author Candice Kumai shares her fave beauty-boosting superfoods and how to add them to your meals. Your moisturizer won’t mind.

Your Yoga Prescription: How to get to sleep when insomnia strikes
No, watching endless Youtube videos or your Instagram feed won’t help. Get Tiffany Cruikshank’s recipe for helping your nervous system slow down instead.

Your A-to-Z Guide to Popular, Healthy Diets
A need-to-know guide to the top 11 healthy diets, from Atkins and Paleo to Vegan, evaluated by renowned nutritionist Keri Glassman.


9 warming New York City tea shops for winter sipping
Cozy-cool indie tea houses and cafes where you can linger over a steaming cup with your laptop or pick up some leaves to steep at home.

First Taste Report: Darrow’s Farm Fresh Takeout
Darrow’s is both a handy, healthy takeout place and a cool downtown eatery where you can linger over a delish meal and kale cocktail, without spending a fortune.

Uplift Studio’s super-effective at-home Snowmageddon workout
If you’re stuck at home for the next 48 hours, you’re going to want to find a way to get moving.


Refrigerator Look Book: Dolvett Quince
The sweetheart motivational trainer on The Biggest Loser dishes on his own diet that’s a combination of eating clean—and “cheat” days.

The go-to workout of New York City models pops up in Los Angeles
White-hot Modelfit studio, frequented by seemingly every New York City model from Karlie Kloss to Miranda Kerr, pops up in LA.

Why LA boutique fitness fans are going to be all over Greenleaf’s new Hollywood location
The new restaurant takes the Greenleaf dining experience to the next level—with the first-ever full bar, an expanded food menu, and weekend brunch.