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The Week’s Top Stories: May 15–21

healthy-dessert-recipes-3Playing catch-up? Here are the week’s five must-read Well+Good stories you may have missed.

1. Inside one of the most extreme cleanses on earth
Panchakarma, or intense cleanses done at Ayurveda spas, leave no toxin (or orifice) un-flushed. A stressed New Yorker shares what happens on her intense 28-day program.

2. 3 totally healthy desserts you should be eating tonight
Instagram’s healthy food phenom Deliciously Ella explains how desserts like brownies and chocolate mousse can rival your salad for nutrients.

3. The 10 best natural mascaras
A great natural mascara is beauty’s brass ring. We coated our lashes with a slew and found 10 that added just as much drama as their chemical counterparts.

4. The game-changing guide to making perfect eggs (with recipes)!
Repeat after us: I can make the perfect egg. But first, learn these tips from Brooklyn’s Egg restaurant on the finicky art of frying, scrambling, and more.

5. 5 London wellness hotspots worth their weight in airfare
Venice’s Kundalini goddess Guru Jagat hopped the pond to scout London’s burgeoning wellness scene. Here’s her insider take on its can’t-miss spots.