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Konjac Sponge

By Siobhan O’Connor for

I’ve fallen in love with the kind of thing you see on infomercials.

It’s one of those products you suddenly think you need even though you don’t totally get what it is. It’s promise has a hiding-in-plain-sight simplicity that makes you wonder why you didn’t invent it yourself. It’s weird looking.

This particular thing is a cleansing tool by a company called Konjac Sponge, and it is, as the name suggests, a sponge made of fibers from the konjac plant, which of course I had to google, and which people apparently eat to suppress their appetites (please do not do this). It’s a skincare cult hit in parts of Asia and the U.K., costs 9 bucks and comes rock hard in a plastic bag promising to gently exfoliate (with or without a cleanser), hydrate and pH balance your skin.

Keep reading for Siobhan’s review of this new cleansing tool…

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