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This Week in Wellness: Bikram’s new app, free bikini with Fitist plan, and more

KKini bikini
Your Fitist summer shape-up comes with a free KKini bikini!

Welcome to our weekly roundup of wellness news we’ve spotted and reported throughout the week. Our Page Six!

New York’s largest Bikram studio (with four NYC locations), Bikram Yoga NYC, launched an app so that you can book your sweaty stretch sessions on-the-go.

For those who are already feeling the Hamptons beckon, FITiST has put together a 4-week “summer shape-up” training plan that includes a free swim suit (KKINI bikni or Onia trunks) for the season.

Skincando, the maker of chapped-skin savior Combat-Ready Balm, announced a new product, Combat Ready Bug Repellant, to help you wage the annual battle against summer mosquitos.

You'll need this for riverside yoga classes where mosquitos threaten to throw off your balancing poses.

Zico announced it will be launching Zico Latte this June, a caffeine-spiked coconut water that’s meant to appeal to fitness fanatics.

New York’s floating wellness center, the Spirit Seeker, has set sail again for the season, with upcoming trips scheduled with Garth Stevenson, the Didge Project, and Sanctuary Yoga.

Yoga is getting its first reality TV show, a yoga class-meets-uncensored yoga geekfest hour with NYC instructor and host Sadie Nardini.

Simply Fit Astoria (a studio opened by one of New York’s youngest fitness entrepreneurs) is moving into a larger space nearby on Memorial Day weekend, after a super-successful first year.