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This Week in Wellness: Gwyneth’s cleanse, unhealthy cookbooks, and more

goop cleanse
Gwyneth's goop cleanse.

Welcome to our weekly roundup of wellness news we’ve spotted and reported throughout the week. Our Page Six!

Cleanse like a celeb. Gwyneth announced the debut of the “goop cleanse,” made by cleanse maestro Alejandro Junger, M.D., in her newsletter this week. The catch: It seems to be exactly the same as Junger’s standard Clean program, just all dressed up in goop packaging.

Meatless muscles. According to the New York Times, there’s a growing segment of bodybuilders who are trading steak for spinach. Yup, they’re going vegan.

Trainer trading. Loi Jordan, the popular fitness personality from Sports Club/LA (and Today Show darling) has just taken over as Group Fitness Manager for Equinox.

David Life teaching yesterday at the Jivamukti Tribe Gathering

Jiva jam. The Jivamukti tribe took over NYC with a week of Master Classes and healthy living advice from speakers like Crazy Sexy advocate Kris Carr and nutrition research superstar Neal Barnard, M.D.

Cookbook controversy. A physician’s group rated Meals in Minutes, the latest cookbook from healthy-eating crusader Jamie Oliver, one of the unhealthiest cookbooks of 2011. (It included a sandwich with more fat and calories than a Big Mac.) So much for a Food Revolution.

Diet wars. US News and World Report released their ranking of the best diets, and the DASH diet was deemed the ultimate winner. We say: Never diet again.

Anti-fitness models. Equinox created hubbub among its members this week with an ad campaign that featured super skinny models. Also confusing: No one in the ads is in a gym, working out, or indicating fitness in any way…