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Two amazing yoga retreats in November

Flow Arts Yoga Retreat
Flow Arts Yoga Retreat in Tulum


Our frieYoganonymous logonds at Yoganonymous are seriously tapped in when it comes to amazing yoga retreats, mind-blowing (and back-bending) workshops, and events that bring yogis together. We share our must-do picks from the website each month.

1. Flow Arts Retreat
November 7–12
Tulum, Mexico

Why you should go: Even the steamiest Bikram yoga session won’t warm you up enough to last the winter. So this retreat is a great excuse for a last-minute trip to the sunny beaches of Tulum, where your itinerary will be packed with hoop vinyasa, aerial yoga, acroyoga, and paddleboarding.

2. Calm Your Crazy: Yoga to Regain Your Life with Kelly Morris
November 29–December 1
Stockbridge, MA

Why you should go: If anyone can teach you how to chill out while really understanding your struggles, it’s the irreverent, hilarious, and talented Kelly Morris. Head to Kripulu where you’ll learn how to reconnect all aspects of your life through yoga, meditation, Q&As, and hours of restorative practice.

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