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Kevyn Zeller
Kevyn Zeller opened her boutique Pilates studio on the Upper East Side in January. (Photo: Kevyn Zeller Pilates)


Two young Pilates devotees, both with a spiritual, mind-body edge in common, have recently opened studios in uptown Manhattan, with Westside Pilates launching in fall of 2013 on the Upper West Side followed by Kevyn Zeller Pilates on the Upper East last month.

Westside Pilates was founded by 28-year-old Adrianne Yurgosky, who’s been teaching for seven years, trained at Power Pilates, and New York Pilates Studio with Brett Howard. She’s also an Institute of Integrative Nutrition-educated holistic health coach. Her studio offers one-on-one and duo 55-minute classes in Reformer, chair, towers, at a modest price of $90 and $60.

Westside Pilates’ founder, 28-year-old Adrianne Yurgosky, at her 91st Street studio. (Photo: Westside Pilates)

“In my own experience, Pilates was a form of healing, and I always felt I was in a safe environment when I could dedicate time to myself without the normal New York City interruptions,” says Yurgosky, who suffered multiple back injuries in her teens. “Pilates is not just a form of fitness. It’s more a way of becoming aware of your habits, keeping in touch with your body, and building strengthen and flexibility to alleviate pain.”

Just across Central Park, 33-year-old Kevyn Zeller, who trained at The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado, and has been teaching for 13 years, opened the doors to her brand-new East Side studio, with a similar private and semi-private model, and offering Reformer and mat classes at $150 and $120 per session.

“What I believe makes my style of teaching unique is the emphasis I offer on how this work can truly connect you with your authentic sense of self and purpose,” she says. “This connection allows you to live a more inspired and harmonious life. This is what I live to teach.”

Be it overcoming the challenges of an injury (mentally and physically) or bringing in a more yoga-based spirituality to your Pilates practice, these new studios show the largely classical workout is entering a new age. —Jamie McKillop

Westside Pilates, 251 W. 91st St., at Broadway, Upper West Side,

Kevyn Zeller Pilates, 60 E. 66th St., #4B, Upper East Side,