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Vegan Vogue and Gluten-Free For All: Win a $100 gift certificate to Candle 79

Well+Good’s Trendy Giveaway: 10 Days of Wellness, With 10 Healthy Prizes

Candle 79New Yorkers are going gluten-free and vegan in greater numbers—either because of food allergies, animal rights, or a general desire for healthier eating habits. Candle 79, founded in 2003 by the creators of the beloved Candle Cafe, put the city’s most delicious and creative vegan cuisine in a fine-dining setting. (It’s twice been rated Zagat’s No. 1 vegetarian restaurant.)

One lucky Well+Good Reader will win an $100 gift certificate to Candle 79.

To enter to win this one-day giveaway, first “Like” Candle 79 on Facebook, then tell us on our Facebook page why you think veganism is going mainstream. Winner will be chosen at random. Giveaway ends at midnight tonight EST. The winner will be announced here tomorrow.

Check back tomorrow when we feature the Healing Workouts Trend by giving away one spot to Design Your Year, a Handel Group Life Coaching-and-IntenSati Urban Retreat at Equinox, worth $150.