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By Liz Miersch for

Meet yoga’s hottest couple. LA-based Equinox instructor Briohny Smyth mesmerized viewers with her gravity-defying arm balances in “The Contortionist,” which sparked significant conversation in and around the yoga community. So naturally we brought her back—this time with her new husband, Dice Iida-Klein, also an Equinox yoga instructor and star in his own right (see him master the floating flow on a paddle board).

When you watch the Acro Yoga session we captured, you’ll see their performance is more than an amazing physical feat. It’s a display of the strong emotional connection that has grown, and is continuing to grow, between them. It’s the type of connection that, at times, made the crew on set feel like they should leave the room. We asked the pair what’s really happening during these intimate sessions.

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