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Wanderlust O'ahu
Wanderlust’s Oahu graphic. Could that be you?

The company known for its yoga-and-music mega-festivals across North America is taking its Wanderlust to a few far-flung destinations in February 2013—O’ahu, Hawaii and Santiago, Chile.

The festival giant, which started with its popular Squaw Valley festival in California, now hosts major events in Vermont, Colorado, and British Columbia—plus smaller one-day events in New York, Las Vegas, and other cities.

But the beautiful island state and the mountains of Chile are its most exotic destinations yet. Chile’s details are still being ironed out, but O’ahu will be headlined by Shiva Rea and Baron Baptiste and will include surfing, ukelele lessons, and paddleboard yoga.

Sounds like yoga fests are about to give yoga retreats a run for their money.

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