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woman runner Hamptons Marathon finish line
JackRabbit is looking for inspiring new-ish runners to document their journey to the Hamptons Marathon finish line and raise money for charity

Last week JackRabbit Sports launched Run for the Rabbit, an athletic casting call for both aspiring and experienced marathoners.

Six applicants will be selected to train for the Hamptons Marathon in September. In many ways their training will mirror that of a pro athlete: Personalized marathon training over 24 weeks with Jonathan Cane, the founder of City Coach, an expert at getting newbies, those with injuries, and the pros to the 26.2 finish line.

They also get several pairs of free shoes, a clothing allowance (for Zobha, not Chanel), a nutrition stipend, and other perks.

In exchange for the Paula Radcliffe treatment, the six marathoners will be asked to raise money for the cause of their choice and to document their training journey on their own blogs and JackRabbit’s.

The winner isn’t the runner with the fastest time—it’s whoever raises the most money. Prizes include a trip to the Four Seasons Hualalai on Kona, a trip to Napa Valley, a home theater system, free airline tickets, and more. Not bad for getting into the best shape of your life.

The campaign is the brainchild of JackRabbit founder Lee Silverman. “JackRabbit’s expertise is complicated and invisible,” explains Silverman. “How do we explain what we do for runners?” Silverman hit on the idea of showing by example: “Telling the stories of six different people going through marathon training will inspire other regular New Yorkers.”

So far, the bulk of applications have come from established marathoners bent on bettering their times or qualifying for Boston. So aspiring marathoners, JackRabbit’s looking for you!

  • Are you a yogi who’s flirted with 10Ks and now wants to take it to the next level and raise money for Bent on Learning?
  • Are you a runner who loves to compete in charity 5Ks and been looking for a way to push your running and your money-raising to new highs?

JackRabbit is accepting applications through Friday, February 4, 2011. For more information and to enter, visit