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A huge healthy, happy thank YOU to all our readers


We are so grateful to YOU, our amazing community of healthy, happy readers, for making Well+Good the winner of the Webby’s People’s Voice award for Best Lifestyle Site.

When our team found out we’d won the Webby Award—AKA the Oscars of the Internet—we put down our green juice and toasted to you with champagne. (Did you feel the love?)

Sure, everyone likes to win. But here’s why this one is so special:

1. We’re a small but mighty team.  Well+Good was started in 2010 by two journalists (Alexia Brue and Melisse Gelula) with a passion for wellness. Now there are 20 of us on the team who live and breathe kale and cardio, and Well+Good has become the voice of wellness across the country.

2. We love that a website devoted to the wellness scene won the People’s Voice. We beat out some terrific sites, including Thrillist and Gear Patrol (which are both much bigger sites with bigger budgets), but it says a lot that that readers went for smoothie bowls and coveted legging brands instead of the pursuit of beer and bacon. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that….)

Winning the Webby’s People’s Voice Award is a tremendous honor. We promise to say thank you to you all year long with more inspiring content than ever before. Together we power a huge passion for wellness that goes way beyond ourselves.

And we want to continue this journey together: Follow us on Instagram, and tag us with your healthy everything using #iamwellandgood—we love seeing the ways that you lead a Well+Good life, too!