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As a company that lives and breathes green juice and new workouts, we were super excited to be tapped by the Turner Network’s new healthy-living channel Upwave. They wanted to talk about a subject near and dear to our hearts—the wellness revolution. How, in just a few short years, dinner party conversation became about boot camp instructors and smoothie ingredients and how we went from booking restaurant reservations to booking spin bikes.

Barry’s Bootcamp Tribeca: The shoot location—and one of the New York boutique fitness studios we write about and sweat in.

It hasn’t always been that way for us—and probably you. Rewind three years when Well+Good launched in April 2010: There was one SoulCycle studio in New York on West 72nd Street; there are now nine. Ditto Organic Avenue, which had just opened its flagship Space of Love on the Lower East Side. Now there are 10 locations—and more than 80 juice bars in New York City.

We can wow you with a few more stats in this cool video, but really we’re just so excited to be part of the 76 million wellness lovers in the U.S. today. That’s about 25 percent of the population. Plus you!

Check us out here at Barry’s Bootcamp dishing on the wellness scene, how it’s affected our lives as journalists, and—bonus!—watch us do sprints on the treadmill.

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