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boot camp Chelsea Piers

Yesterday, a squadron of Well+Good readers reported for boot camp at The Beast, a workout led by former ARMY master trainer Gerald Moore that takes place all over the Chelsea Piers Sports Center.

After a few nervous tweets and warm-up laps on the track, the group got facedown in the volleyball sandpit for reverse push-ups, lunges, jumps, and duck-walk runs. The price to pay for a special taste of the 8-week course (and ripped abs).

Then we broke into five groups, lead by some of The Beast’s most accomplished boot campers. Teams scrambled across monkeybars (many readers accomplished the whole thing!), followed by drills like walking a balance beam with a medicine ball, sprints with a heavy bar, and we ended on a high-note: ARMY-style burpee-combos as a group. Check out the slideshow (best in full-screen view):

This class turned out boot-camp newbies and regular cadets to chaturanga-toned yogis, who drew on their skills to get through the challenge stations and gave it their all. There were definitely some future captains in the Well+Good crew.

For more information about The Beast boot camp, an 8-week course, visit

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